Jul 07

Where Are We Now?

by Zen Gardner

Wow – big question, but not really if we look within and get simply truthful. Admittedly not easy in this current social environment with all the imposed insanities but let’s give it a try.

I’ve been a little quiet of late, for many reasons. I’ve had a big change in my life since moving to a third world country. Everyone’s been so welcoming it’s exposed a lot in myself. I didn’t realize how defensive I had become in the US. People always had their guard up and apparently I was akin to that attitude more than I realized.

It’s so much less here, but you have to discover what underlies the surface of their reactions as well. It too can be superficial and has its own level of societal fears and hangups of course. It’s just so much simpler, more like a time or dimensional change than just relocation.

It reminds me of my youth when things were so much simpler.

Things Change

The vibrational change is quite profound. Feelings and perceptions alter in the most subtle of ways. But I get it. It’s at a frequency I needed to learn to tune into it and let my previous patterns go in my new environment.



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  1. Ines

    Hi Zen,
    I too moved to a third world country 8 years ago. Croatia, being raised in Canada for most of my life, regardless that I was born here, it’s still a new country for me, but also third world. I felt the same way you did Zen at first, but I find that people here actually know more than most North Americans about their governments and such. If you must know, we have Americans that come here even today and wear Canadian Flags on their Tshirts or Backpacks because they are not really liked here. It’s not always the government that we dislike, people here dislike Americans because of their arrogance and they seem to think that they live in the best country in the world. We are laughing at them right now, because they STILL don’t get it, they have no clue what we don’t like them, yet they have no problem disguising as Canadians.
    I wish you the best in your new country, anywhere is better than US and Canada.

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