Aug 18

Pretend you’re an Egyptian when you Loot their Museums

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Regular readers here will remember how many times the author has called for things of this nature. It is heartwarming to see the courage, industry and dedication taking place here. This is one of the great weapons of positive revolution. It is desperately needed. The ranks of such noble souls must swell until you can’t turn a corner, can’t walk into an underground parking garage, can’t stop at a stoplight, can’t walk past a police department, or a government building without seeing NOTICE THEREOF.

Speaking of revolutions, Egypt is truly a sticky wicket and… into the mix of it, the Zionist stooge, Bwak! Has introduced one of the nastiest customers seen in awhile, in the personage of this full blown Satanistic psychopath. There are different arguments as to what is actually going on over there. I can’t see as how the people in charge can be only the dredgings of the former dictator Mubarak; not when some of them are calling for doing away with the yearly foreign aid payoff from the U.S.. If you want a densely packed rebuttal of that first link and you have the time and patience (I did not) then there’s this War and Peace rival. In the meantime, the usual criminal cabal is out doing what it did in Iraq and everywhere else, where war and strife provide camouflage for their dastardly deeds. Besides controlling what passes for art these days, by owning over 90% of all of the art galleries, it also makes it possible for them to move stolen antiquities from place to place and also to eliminate historical evidences, which INVARIABLY go counter to the lies they have manufactured, to justify their superimposing themselves over the legitimate people, the actual Semites, the Palestinians, who they have driven from their lands and then changed the names of every Arab town and location by renaming them to match up with their fabricated histories



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